An interactive period stigma game that helps people know how girls handle their period around the world.

Jade, Rona, Tiffany

This is an interactive game that lets the player go through a scenario that shows what a woman goes through during her menstruation cycle. The player gets to first choose between between 4 different characters from different areas around the world (mostly in the U.S.) with differing circumstances. Then it would give a story about what that a woman might have to go through. Then, it gives you two options on how to help them out.

Not a lot of people, especially men, know about periods or how women handle it based on different environments and/or social status levels.

We wanted to show how women in different settings deal with menstruation in each level, and also showing what obstacles they might face.

We mostly had issues with merging all the levels together and coming up with a unified aesthetic.

Hi, we are The Big Red. Jade is 17 year-old high school senior and Tiffany and Rona are 16 year-old high school juniors. All of us are from the Boston area in Massachusetts; Jade is from Quincy, Rona is from Sharon, and Tiffany is from Wellesley. Before doing this program we had all had no experience or knowledge on CS. We were able to come out with a cool game that teaches many people about menstruation.

This project was made by Girls Who Code Summer Immersion Program students at TripAdvisor.