Promoting healthy living

Luolan K., Deianeara J., Mariana T., Dana F.

The Bean Goes Green promotes healthy living and appreciation for nature. This website was built to aid YOU in your nature endeavors. We have gathered information about nearby hike trails, bike trails, parks, and attractions around the Boston area in order to make trip planning easier and more convenient. We hope that our efforts will help you stay active and become one with nature.

People spend too much time indoors and forget about the wonderful activities that nature can bring.

The city life is a fast life and in Boston everything moves fast. No one has time to stop and smell the roses. The Bean Goes Green uses a user friendly interface to make the information available in a convenient and efficient manner. It provides information on biking and hiking trails, parks, and nature oriented attractions.

We encountered many challenges trying to use Javascript to create a light box. Using online references we realized that a light box was not a user friendly interface and instead used a pop-up box in HTML/CSS to create a cleaner interface.

"This is such a clean interface!" - Mallory G.

Luolan K. – Rising senior at Westborough High School. Loves playing volleyball and the violin. After the Summer Immersion Program, she is interested in studying computer science in college.

Mariana T. – Rising senior majoring in Design and Visual Communications at Minuteman Vocational High School. She enjoys playing with her band, writing music, and creating art. She hopes to combine her knowledge of design with computer science to help express her ideas and help the community.

Deianeara J. – Rising junior at Milton High School. Volunteers at local animal shelter, is involved in the orchestra playing the violin, and is part of the Calculus Project which helps get more students of color into AP Calculus by their senior year.

Dana F. – Rising Junior at Boston International High School. Interested in taking computer science in college and learning to play the piano.

This project was made by Girls Who Code Summer Immersion Program students at Akamai.