The Attack of Princess Merida

The Attack of Princess Merida

Rubyna V, Phuong C, Kimberly R

We created an interactive game about a princess named Merida who encounters different types of villains such as witches, monsters, and fire flames. After defeating the first army of enemies she meets a malicious snowman who tries to attack her by throwing snowballs. Her mission is to kill all enemies that come her way.

It is widely known that women are underrepresented in video games. The gender gap is gradually closing, but a lot of work is needed in order to truly close it. At the E3 convention in 2015 the Feminist Frequency team had researched the representation of women in video games. 76 titles were shown at the E3 event. There were 24 games that had exclusively male protagonists, only seven games had playable female protagonists.

To combat the problem, we created a game with a female protagonist that fights her own battles to eventually conquer the land. She is an independent woman who fights her own battles and she knows she is powerful and has the ability to change the world.

While creating a game was fun, we did encounter many challenges such as debugging and errors, understanding how the computer executes our code, having the computer do what we want when we want it, arranging our code for others to understand and read it, prioritizing our time and work. With these challenges we learned how to face them and solve them together as a group. As a result we are now better prepared to combat these problems in the future.

"Your game is super fun and complex"
"I really like the different elements in your game"
"Your game is difficult to win"

Our names are Rubyna, Phuong, and Kimberly. We all have a strong passion for coding and technology. When we jump on a computer it’s hard to get us off. All three of us wish to pursue a career in technology. One of the many things we have in common is we all prefer to work in groups rather than individually. We feel we learn more and work more efficiently. We also love to work with software rather than hardware which is why we chose to create an interactive game for our final project.

This project was made by Girls Who Code Summer Immersion Program students at Groupon.