Teenage Girls Helping Each Other, One Day At A Time

Nicole V, Mia T, Audrey W, Akeria W, Roshell A

Our website is for teenage girls who need answers with things only girls can answer. We provide a safe and open space for girls to feel like themselves and find answers to their questions. Many girls need someone to talk to, and our website allows them to do just that.

Some girls do not have a mentor and have to go through their problems alone.

As a solution, we built different tabs that address multiple topics for users to click through depending on what problems they are having.

We had many ideas and we had difficulties in trying to overcome it. We found a lot of things that websites lacked and we wanted to implement it, but it was very ambitious for two weeks. Eventually, we had to decide what exactly we wanted to build in the time that we had.

This project was made by Girls Who Code Summer Immersion Program students at Knight - MDC - Ada Lovelace.