Kennedy M. , Yarlenie H. , Zoie W. , Jayla P.

The purpose of Teen2Teen is to provide teens with a safe place that allows them to write about their struggles. Hopefully they will be able to help each other resolve similar problems. Sometimes all you need is a friend that has been through a similar situation and that adds a sense of protection and comfort. Teen2Teen is also an online environment that is secure,we want to insure that our users are secure and are not at risk for any online predators.

The problem is that some teens do not have access to a place where they safe enough to express the problems they are facing.

To fix the issue, we created a site where teens who have problems can talk to other teens who have been through the same problems and have gotten through it.

One technical problem we faced was getting the sign up page to work properly. We had an issue with it because there was not a clear tutorial on how to create a sign up page that met our specific needs. Despite this roadblock, we were able to make the sign up page after a lot of researching and using information from different tutorials.

You can view the project here.

This project was made by Girls Who Code Summer Immersion Program students at Turner ATL.