Arieyahn M., Tina Y., Cymone R., Itzell Q.

The project is a description about the brutal killings of black people by police officers. We encourage and emphasize on voting on our site in hopes that the community can trust their judges and attorneys more. We try to bring in real-time news about black people being killed by police officers.

We want to raise awareness towards the issue of people who may not understand what is happening. Not everybody watches the news, A lot of teenagers are unaware of social issues. However, everybody uses the internet. We want to bring in as much accurate information as possible into our website so that people can easily go on our website without doing research themselves. A lot of the resources that are currently available do not meet our expectations (as a viewer) and we hope that our website can bring a different approach to the situation and help our society better itself. Our goal is not to degrade other races but to bring awareness to the Black Lives Matter movement. Some of the pains that people go through are events, such as being racially profiled, resulting in, being stopped while driving or walking. In addition, there is an “appropriate” way for a person of color to act when being stopped by the police. This “appropriate” protocol is used to eliminate any suspicion of guilt that a police officer may have, due to the color of the person’s skin. Furthermore, there is an addition distrust between communities of color and the police, leading to a lack of effort to work together to make communities safer.

We are planning to solve the problem, of lack of awareness about police brutality, by making a website in order to bring information about this problem to a wider audience. In this website, we are presenting statistics about victims of police brutality, stories about victims, and actions that community members can take as steps towards solutions. Voting for officials that work to pass laws that help to prosecute officers to the fullest extent of the law when they are involved in acts in police brutality. Spreading the truth of the Black Lives Matter movement to the people who have the wrong idea and believe that supporting All Lives Matter movements is the right thing to do.

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The group consists of four rising high school juniors and seniors. The girls are extremely passionate about the Black Lives Matter movement and have created their Girls Who Code project based on that movement.

This project was made by Girls Who Code Summer Immersion Program students at Pixar.