Job-finding. San Francisco. Teens.

Maya A, Daphne C, Cindy L, Iryne C

"TaskSF" is a job-finding platform for teens in San Francisco. The site allows adults seeking help to contact teens in their neighborhood for simple or long term employment. In time, the platform could develop a sense of community and trust within the city.

Our team noticed that teens wanted to find jobs or opportunities to make money, but they didn't know where or how. We also noticed that sites, such as Indeed and Craigslist, are not user-friendly and not catered to teens.

We are addressing this problem by providing a website that connects employers to employees safely and easily.

A technical problem we faced was implementing data storage for user accounts and job listings. We used the Google Cloud Platform to store both types of information, but the journey to linking it to "TaskSF" was very confusing and tough. Eventually, with help from our teachers, mentors, and other students, we managed to make it work and that made the backend of our website complete.

"It looks so professional!"

We are a group of 4 rising seniors in the Bay Area. This summer, we were part of Girls Who Code’s Summer Immersion Program at Twitter HQ in San Fransisco. Enjoy our project!

This project was made by Girls Who Code Summer Immersion Program students at Twitter (San Francisco).