Allows users to search and save hikes based on difficulty and location

Megan, Shriya, Yujing, Kathryn

First, users will create an account and log in to the site, and we store this information in our Firebase database. The user can then find their perfect hike by selecting a skill level and region in Washington state. The search results display the name, address, elevation and a picture of a hike. Users can add hikes to a favorites page, which is also stored in our database. There is also an essentials and about page with further information.

The problem is that many people in our state and others might want to hike, but they don't know where to hike. Especially in WA state, with so many hikes and resources available, not enough people are enjoying the trails and natural beauty around them.

Our website is an intuitive, easy-to-use way to find suitable hikes. We want to encourage people to explore more of our state and take advantage of hiking opportunities around them.

With our database, we were struggling to save username information on different Javascript files. We solved this by using session storage, a concept we had to learn from scratch.

"This website encouraged me to stop watching anime and drawing OCs. Now I go on 96.2 mile backpacking hikes everyday." -Rita

We are a group of girls at the AT&T Seattle 2017 Summer program. We are from Skyline High School, Annie Wright Schools, and Mercer Island High School. We decided to make a website about hiking to express our love for nature and the PNW. We all really love coding, love computer science and love each other. We are devastated that the program is over but we are so delighted to be part of the sisterhood. We hope to improve upon our website in the future.

This project was made by Girls Who Code Summer Immersion Program students at AT&T (Seattle).