Survivin' is the key to life.

Kelly (Hongyi) O, Loni G, Alexis S, Tillie C

Our project addresses the lack of websites that are an outlet for teens, and provide them with resources and advice. This website helps teens develop and maintain their self care and self love. In an environment where teenagers are constantly stressed and negligent of their health, we encourage a healthy lifestyle both in body and in mind.

After all, you’re only happy when you’re healthy!

There are not many websites that let teens voice their feelings anonymously and that provide them with resources and advice.

We addressed this problem by making an all-in-one website that incorporates different features, such as posts, chat, etc. to fulfill the needs of all problems. The website will be like a blog forma, allowing for easy interface and access to all of our features.

One technical problem we faced was that everyone edited the code differently, but didn't continuously update it on GitHub, so we had many differences and spent a long time fixing it. We overcame it through communicating better and telling each other when we changed something.

This project was made by Girls Who Code Summer Immersion Program students at Twitter (San Francisco).