A Survival Guide for High School Students

Denica C., Danielle R., Pauline E., Asma S.

Surhighval is a survival guide for high school students. There are articles, resources, and tips that users can access. There is a discussion forum for users only, where members can interact with others and share their high school experiences.

High school can be a very stressful time for everybody. Students dread writing college essays and filling out their applications. Incoming freshmen are nervous and scared to enter high school. Especially, when they hear that seniors will stuff them in lockers. It’s overwhelming to look through a list of colleges and decide which one is perfect for you. Summer programs or internships are the last things high school students are looking at. Students struggle with managing their time between school, homework, and afterschool activities.

As a group we wanted to create a website that served as a survival guide for high school students that included what we believe as high school students what others like ourselves would need to survive high school. In this we created tips of advice that we thought should be shared from our experiences in high school, and also general tips told to us, but also facts about important things for the college admission process like the FAFSA, the Common App, and how to conduct yourself on a College Campus Visit. Our resources page provides scholarships, internships, summer programs, and college searches. The user only forum allows people to talk and interact with other users about their high school experiences and how they got through them.

Creating a database and being able to store user info was difficult. Once we were able to collaborate with other groups and do more research we were able to properly connect our database and have a functional user login page.

The Four Blind Mice are high school juniors and seniors from the tri-state area, who attended the 2016 Kate Spade GWC Summer Immersion Program at the Fashion Institute of Technology.

This project was made by Girls Who Code Summer Immersion Program students at KateSpade.