Support Immigrants

Gabriella T, Maddison W, Jess L, Elizabeth N

Our project is designed to inform immigrants on their rights and provide valuable resources on the topics concerning them.

Immigrants have a difficult time finding user-friendly websites that provide reliable information and resources.

We made a user-friendly website that addresses the complications of immigration. There are lots of resources and sources of information on our website.

We used GitHub for our project, which was difficult to navigate at times. But, we used our online resources to learn how to use it effectively and do what we wanted it to.

"The layout and design is beautiful."

We are B.A.N.G.S., the creators of “Supporting Immigrants”. Our team is made up of¬†Gabriella T, Maddison W, Jess L, and Elizabeth N.

This project was made by Girls Who Code Summer Immersion Program students at Dell - AUS.