Your Online Closet

Rasarea C., Dariana V., Bani B.

Suay allows users to organize their clothing to create outfits online. It was created by women for women to aid in getting ready every morning by making outfits appear instantly rather than having to try each and every one of them on.

It’s apparent us women have struggled with finding outfits every morning; it's time consuming! Most of the times our closets have lots of clothes that we can never seem to pair together or style without putting each outfit on. We also see that there are many women in need who may not have access to clean or appropriate clothes to wear for events such as job interviews.

We created a website using HTML, Bootstrap CSS, and Javascript that a user could easily scroll, or "suay" through, to create outfits for any day of the week. The website provides style tips including color coordination, the weather, and dress code guidelines to help make outfit decisions. Our website is easy to navigate and can be used by Users of any technological background. We also wanted to provide resources to women on how to help other women by donating their clothes and other resources to those in need.

Not making our MVP our priority, clashing codes, and re-learning how to use Javascript were all challenges we faced. We'd try and add things that weren't part of the simple plan we had for the project which made us lose valuable time in developing. Our codes would sometimes clash when some used two different Bootstrap styles or using different methods to fix something in the code then everything would wonk out. Also, we didn't know how to use Javascript. We got through it through compromises and dividing up work.

Rasarea is a senior at Alameda Science and Technology Institute. Dariana is a senior at Mount Eden High. Bani is a junior at Livermore High.

You can view the project here.

This project was made by Girls Who Code Summer Immersion Program students at Workday.