Your Online Closet

Dariana, Bani, Rasarea

Suay is your online closet where you can organize and create outfits as simple as a click. We have made this website for women and making their morning routines easier. One thing we took under consideration that we should be able to help us women out and we linked sites to donate clothing.

We're addressing a two part problem: the amount of time it takes to pick out an outfit and the need low-income women have for clothes.

We have linked donation sites where we encourage women to help those in need. Having your closet online helps it stay organized and there's no clothes all over the floor.

We had some issues with the nav bar, it wasn't placed right. We went back to our code and try debugging until we finally got it stay in the right position.

Dariana is a senior at Mt. Eden High School. Rasarea is a senior at Alameda Science and Technology Institute. Bani is a junior at Livermore High School.

This project was made by Girls Who Code Summer Immersion Program students at Workday.