Put an end to repeated outfits and late mornings.

Hailey T, Seoyun C, Malina J

"Style Up" is a website that was created to help users revamp their wardrobes and find the perfect outfit for any occasion. It features an outfit generator and a personal closet where users can input their own clothes (that are used by the generator). "Style Up" also includes outfit inspirations and ways that users can refashion their old clothes.

Getting ready in the morning can be a time-consuming task, especially when it comes to choosing what to wear for the day. Sometimes you just don’t know what to wear, so you end up wearing the same outfit as the day before, leading to a vicious cycle of outfit repeating.

"Style Up" acts as a personal wardrobe assistant to help users transform their everyday outfits and keep up with the latest fashion trends.

We dreamt really big on this project, and did not accomplish everything we had set out to. One of the features was designed for the user to upload pictures of clothing they already own and that would be processed by the generator into outfits. This proved to be harder than anticipated because the difficulty level of linking uploads with a generator was too much for our two week time frame to finish the project.


My name is Hailey, one of the creators of “Style Up”. This is the second website I’ve worked on, second to my own blog. My team and I coded this website using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, which I’ve had the pleasure of learning at the Girls Who Code Summer Immersion Program. Currently, I am a student at Eastside Catholic School.


Hey there, I’m Seoyun, one of the creators of this website. Currently, I am a senior at Henry M. Jackson High School. This is one of the very first websites I’ve made using code, so I’m super excited about it! The Girls Who Code Summer Immersion Program at AT&T was my first experience working with code and Computer Science; everything you see on this website was made using the skills we learned during this 7-week program. I’m extremely thankful to have been able to participate in such an amazing program, and I hope you enjoy our project!


Hi, my name is Malina. I am a participant in the Redmond AT&T Girls Who Code Summer Immersion Program. I am very appreciative to have had the great opportunity of learning the fundamentals of coding over 7 weeks this summer. Through this program, I have had the chance to meet inspiring people and learned how to take advantage of opportunities that may not come often. I hope you enjoy our website. Thank you!

This project was made by Girls Who Code Summer Immersion Program students at AT&T (Seattle).