succeed with studycrunch.

Audrey K, Dawn G, Rachel.Amir C, Sara A, Tori W

Our vision at "studycrunch" is to have students succeed in the classroom and beyond. We provide SAT/ACT guides and subject-specific resources ranging from Spanish to multivariable calculus. Additionally, we have organizational tools and study habits so students can succeed no matter what class they are in. At "studycrunch", we also help prepare students for the future with college guides, complete with financial aid and athletic information, and résumé templates so they can land all their job interviews.

As high school students, we noticed that many of our friends, and teenagers as a whole, struggle with the pressures of school, applying to college, and our future careers. Another issue many teenagers face is finding the right resources to lead them on the right path.

To address the issue, we created "studycrunch", a website where students can utilize various academic resources and guides, get organized with a to-do list, and benefit from study tips and relaxation methods. It encompasses all aspects of being a student without an overload of information.

One of our biggest challenges was the navigation bar with the dropdown menu. We had to research how to implement a navigation bar into our code and then coordinate with the team to link our individual pages to the dropdown menu.

This project was made by Girls Who Code Summer Immersion Program students at Walmart BAY.