Take notes, ask questions, succeed!

Amanda W., AJ R., Jasmin H., & Hannah L.

Study Buddies is a website for students to share class notes and ask questions. Our vision for the project was to make studying resources easier to access. Our website provides student users access to both the notebook application, question forum, and bios from the creators.

The primary job of students is to study and pass classes, however this is no easy thing for all students. Not all students think the same nor do they have the same working/studying habits. Thus, not all students can pass classes as easily as others.

Using our application, students can access class notes as well as add their own notes to notebooks. Thus, all students will have access to notes from everyone in the class and with enough time spent on studying, anyone can pass their classes.

When creating our notebooks and question forum, we used the framework Django which was very difficult to learn. However, we dedicated time outside of class on several tutorials and were able to create these applications.

"It's very innovative and well designed" ~Jacqueline
"Wow! I love the interface! It's so beautiful!!" ~Hope

Cats and life are our inspiration.

You can view the project here.

This project was made by Girls Who Code Summer Immersion Program students at UIC - Ada Lovelace.