Student Steminar is a free online platform for students to create a long-lasting relationships with a mentor while exploring their STEM interests outside of school.

Alicia W & Alyssa B

We created Student Steminar because we are both passionate about supporting our fellow students who are interested in STEM. Not everyone is fortunate enough to receive an education in a range of STEM topics. Student Steminar is a webinar website for high school students to take classes in different subjects free of cost and all you need is a computer and internet.

As teenagers, we are privileged to be able to live in NYC where there are so many opportunities to learn in school and explore our interests outside of school. However, not everyone has the opportunity to participate in an internship whether due to economic instability or long transportation distances to and from the internship site.

We are tackling this problem in an innovative way by implementing a video chat feature on our website. This gives students who may not learn well without one-on-one assistance the opportunity to create a long-lasting relationship with a mentor.

When creating our database using Firebase Authentication, we encountered some bugs when transferring the local file to our server on PythonAnywhere. To overcome this problem, we first researched solutions from Stack Overflow to see if other programmers encountered a similar problem. After receiving some tips, we implemented these changes into our code and eventually got our database to work!

"This project shows that regardless of age we can teach and enlighten others. These students let me know of an area of improvement & how there can be a solution. This concept can be applied to all walks of life and it impressed me." - Yolanda W.


A rising high school junior, Alicia Weaver strives to create a platform for students to explore STEM topics that are not covered in school. Her science background consists of physical computing and video production. She is dedicated to raising awareness of the lack of opportunity for students in underrepresented communities to ensure all students have equal resources to learn.

Alyssa is a senior at Bard High School Early College Queens and has a passion for learning. She enjoys studying mathematics and wants to encourage others, especially women, to continue studying it and to pursue their different STEM interests.

This project was made by Girls Who Code Summer Immersion Program students at AIG - Grace Hopper.