Bring awareness to human trafficking

Rose F, Mieraf M, Annalise S, Ma’Niyha M.

STOP stands for "Stop Taking Our People". This website provides general information and statistics about human trafficking in the United States, and more specifically in Washington D.C. On our site you will find links to TED talks, documentaries, and articles talking about the issue. For those looking to learn more about how to protect themselves, our assistance page has advice on how to keep yourself and others safe, and tips on recognizing the signs of human trafficking in action.

Our goals for this website is to bring awareness to the issue of human trafficking in Washington D.C. We ourselves were very unaware of the statistics/facts about human trafficking within our own community, so we wanted to create something to teach others about the issue. In the future we hope to expand the website to encompass the entire nation.

We provide general statistics and facts about human trafficking just to introduce the topic and to give a basic understanding of the human trafficking industry.

We had trouble coding specific aspects of the website, but we overcame these difficulties by consulting with our teachers and doing research on W3Schools.

"This website sheds light on an issue that I didn't really know a lot about before going on it. I think others could really benefit from it, and I think it could really make a difference" - Libby Lanza (Girl Who Codes)

We are four girls who attended the Girls Who Code summer immersion program. We were grouped together due to our common interest in social justice.

You can view the project here.

This project was made by Girls Who Code Summer Immersion Program students at Lockheed Martin - Grace Hopper.