Stay Fresh

Stay Fresh

Customizable downloadable food expiration report

Alicia C, Lynda P, Diana T

Our main feature is that given user input, if present in the database we created, the food item will be added to a cumulative report labeled "My Pantry." The report can then be downloaded and printed to be put on your refrigerator. Your Pantry can be cleared of current items.

Americans throw away up to a fourth of their produce because they do not eat it in a reasonable time before it expires.

We hope to address it by having consumers keep themselves responsible for the foods they have.

We didn't know how to store programmer input or user input. We learned how make our own database using MySQL and PHP.

"Genius! Something that will apply to a lot of people, especially me."

We are a group of rising seniors at the Amazon Seattle location. We were inspired by the Amazon banana carts that go around the city that community members are able to take for free – a banana had a red growth and we were afraid it had gone bad. Stay Fresh is about providing information about expiration periods for various foods.

Alicia: I live in Renton and play Ultimate Frisbee competitively! I enjoy doggos, aerospace, and spicy foods 😉 I developed the front-end of our site.

Diana: I was born in Eritrea, a small country that’s in East Africa. At the age of six my family and I moved to Egypt. A country full of good food and interesting buildings. At the age of 11 my family and I finally moved here. I’m 17 and proud to help make a web page that can help us all reduce the amount of food waste.

Lynda: A rising senior at Kentwood High School in Covington, WA. I was born in Seattle and lived here my whole life. I worked mostly on the back-end of Stay Fresh, including the database.

This project was made by Girls Who Code Summer Immersion Program students at Amazon (Seattle).