Every choice matters; use your spoons wisely.

Spyridoula P, Kezia A, Danille R, Amy T

Our project consists of a visual novel style choice-based game and associated promotional website.
The game was made using Renpy, a python program with its own library that simplifies the game making process. The main mechanic is making choices, and all you have to do to play is click and read along.
The website has a page describing the game with screenshots and instructions, the game download links, an about the creators page with contact info, and a link to the Girls Who Code homepage.

People with "invisible" disabilities like mental or chronic illnesses often fail to get recognition for the problems they face daily due to their afflictions, and are often considered to be lazy by those who don't understand them.

This game conditions the player to consider every choice, even though they seem simple, because each choice is meaningful. This, and the visible effect on the character and game state, forces awareness of the fact that seemingly "easy" choices have to be made with purpose, because they can have a large effect on the day of someone with a mental/chronic illness.

Only one member of the team had previous experience with Renpy, so the rest of us had to learn the program first before we could start coding. It took a while, and as we got to the more complicated parts of the program (such as branching routes based on previous choices) we started having a lot of trouble, but with some guidance from our teachers and a lot of reading of the documentation and Lemmasoft forums (threads for Renpy help), we managed to get most things up and running!

Spyridoula Potamopoulou
Character Artist, Game Developer, & Writer
I’m a rising senior at the Horace Mann High School at the time of the game’s development. I live in Washington Heights and I enjoy making games, writing stories, and designing characters.

Kezia Arinka
Coloring Artist & Game Developer
I’m a rising junior in high school. I’ve lived in Brooklyn for seven years and counting but I was born in Jakarta, Indonesia. I can play the violin, guitar and piano.

Danille Rose
Background Artist & Writer
I am rising junior in Midwood High School, and worked on the design of this project. My interests are art & design, sports, engineering and psychology.

Amy Tan
Web Developer & Game Developer
I’m currently a rising senior at NYC Lab High School. My hobbies include binge watching anime and taking long naps. I occasionally make Tumblr themes in my spare time.

You can view the project here.

This project was made by Girls Who Code Summer Immersion Program students at AppNexus.