Slam on the keyboard to release stress while creating an artistic art piece!

Ella L, Julia M, Nia C, Mia S

Splat is a game that relieves stress in an artistic way. By choosing one of the five designs, the user can rage out on a keyboard and create a masterpiece. Splats of paint will pop up on the screen. Music playlists were created for each design of splat.

We wanted to address the issue of stress because stress is something that occurs to many people. We wanted to create a technical type of stress ball so users can easily access our page and relieve stress by pounding on the keyboard.

Stress is inevitable and happens on a daily basis, so we want to tackle this problem by creating a platform to allow users to decompress and relieve their stress. To address the stress factor in people's daily live we created a game where they can decompress and escape reality for a moment just by hitting the keyboards.

We've come a long way with splat. We started out from finding code for paint splats online. The problem was that the paint controlled by the mousepad instead of the keyboard like how we imagined it to be. We went through 2 days of asking for help and trial and error and finally got the keys of th keyboard linked with the fuction that calls the splats. The paint would not happen if we never asked for help.

We are a group formed through Girls Who Code. We created a website that helps relieve stress, because stress is death with by many people around the world. In creating this game, we were able to give an artistic outlet to our users, as well as let them release stress.

This project was made by Girls Who Code Summer Immersion Program students at Pixar.