Glasses for the Masses

Alaka R., Maggie H., Stella Q.

This is a website where people can donate and receive glasses. Donors upload their glasses along with their prescription and contact information, and the website connects them to people in need with the same prescription. The people in need can then receive the glasses they need to correct their vision.

Eyewear has become a steadily increasing market within the United States. The total amount of eyewear sold throughout the country has increased every year since 2009. That means that there are more glasses that are being unused each year. Now, after a person buys a new pair of glasses, they can donate their old ones here! Eyeglasses can cost several hundred dollars for just one pair, and even over a thousand dollars for a pair by a designer brand. They are expensive because we have to buy the frame as well as the lens. Specifically, on average Americans spend more than 15 billion dollars on glasses a year. 64% of Americans wear glasses. That's 225 million people in America! And more than 45 million Americans are currently living under the poverty line. Oftentimes, health insurance is not affordable or does not cover the cost of glasses. Glasses can change many people's lives. Without the right pair of glasses we are not able to do our daily tasks or jobs. By donating your old glasses, you can help a person in need. We want to make sure that each person in the world has a pair of glasses. We want to help each person in need be able to see, one pair of glasses at a time.

Our website connects donors who donate their old glasses that they no longer want or need with people who have the same prescription.

The CSS was not working but we figured it out by all working together! Another problem was using a new program/language, which was Flask. It was very complicated to understand, but we had amazing teachers that helped us get through it and taught us how to use it!

We are from Expedia in Bellevue Washington. On our free time we love watching Netflix. We all wear glasses. Alaka and Stella love watching Game of Thrones, while Maggie loves watching Pretty Little Liars. We all are in the Girls Who Code program and love it!

This project was made by Girls Who Code Summer Immersion Program students at Expedia.