Speak Through Coding: Spreading Positivity in Every Act of Kindness

Speak Through Coding: Spreading Positivity in Every Act of Kindness

Promote kindness in every part of life.

Anja, Bianca, Emma, Jordyn, Kiya, Maya, Mia, Nhya, Portia, Sage, Vanessa, Varga, Vicky

We created a website centered around the theme of kindness in every sphere of life. Kindness can improve interactions between people, between people and the environment, and how an individual regards their own self. We want to encourage people to practice kindness more often by providing a fun way for them to learn about ways to be kind.

All too often people do not treat others kindly. They also neglect to be kind in other ways, like taking care of the environment or even treating their own self with kindness.

By engaging with the fun activities on our website, visitors will think more about how to be kind and how kindness can improve every part of life. If they don't know how to translate kind thoughts into action, our random compliment and random act of kindness generators can help get the ideas flowing!

After completing the lessons in Khan Academy, we knew how to accomplish all the individual steps. But, it was a challenge to bring them all together into a fully functioning program. Some live coding demonstrations from the facilitators helped, but what it really took was jumping in and learning by doing.

"It was so great to see how it all came together in the end."

We met nearly every Saturday during the 2017-18 school year to participate in activities and learn to code! Our group was really interested in art, so we worked through the Digital Art in Khan Academy lessons. We all pitched in to work on the final project. We decided to make a website so we could capture the unique contributions from every member of the group. Some of us built games, some of us coded the compliment and random act of kindness generators, and some of us created art and poems to go on the site.

This project was made by Girls Who Code Club students at University of Arizona.