Joyce H. , Wendy Z. , Brina B. , Savita B. , Delia G.

Soteria is an app that helps people commute through San Francisco safely.

We wanted to address the social issue of safety while commuting through San Francisco.

We addressed the problem by creating a prototype of the app. In the prototype, there are features such as Google Maps with draggable routes and color coded pins where certain crimes were committed, an SFPD Twitter feed, and Emergency Call. Users can be updated about recent crimes, make quick emergency calls to local police departments, and change a dangerous path to a safer path by dragging the route through a preferred street.

One technical difficulty we experienced was integrating the Google Maps API into our original code because merging certain lines of code would overrun other functions we had. We were able to overcome this challenge by understanding what each piece of code did in the Google Maps API so we could decide whether or not it was unnecessary. We ran through the Google Maps documentation and picked out the pieces of code we needed. This is where our mentors came in and guided us through the unfamiliar programming concepts.

"It is very original and helpful!" -Intuit Employee

This project was made by Girls Who Code Summer Immersion Program students at Intuit.