Experience a day in the life of someone struggling with a mental illness.

Gianna O, Natalia C-Q, Anna G-M

The purpose of our game is to put others in the perspective of people who are suffering with a mental illness. Depending on the mood you choose, you will get a different interactive story in which you are able to decide how it will end.

Mental health is a topic that is slowly growing to be understood, but large strides still need to be made. Thus, this project is our contribution in striving to help this necessary cause.

We hope to expand people's knowledge on mental illness and how it feels to have to live with it everyday. Some days are easier than others, while some days you can barely get out of bed. Remember, you are strong and your mental illness does NOT define you.

JavaScript was not embedding on our website early on during the creation of our project. To troubleshoot, we switched to Python and Trinket, which are languages we were all comfortable with.

"Mental illness is something a lot of people like to avoid, but it's important to acknowledge it and create things like this to raise awareness."

We are three high school Latinas who wanted their fellow teenagers to feel a bit more understood through the game we created. We each go to different schools, and met during the Girls Who Code Summer Immersion Program at MetLife.

This project was made by Girls Who Code Summer Immersion Program students at Metlife (NYC).