Environmentally friendly way to charge devices.

Alice Xue, Sally Philpott

The SolarStalker is a robot that uses solar energy to charge devices. This robot uses sensors to track the light, and adjusts to get the maximum amount of light.

How can we charge devices using environmentally friendly ways?

We are using sunlight as a source of renewable energy, and use this to charge devices.

We only had a continuous servo on hand, and had to adjust the robot to move the way we wanted it to.

Wow, that's so cool! You could do a lot with that!

Sally Philpott is a junior attending Wilson High School in Washington, D.C. Alice Xue is a senior attending Centennial High School in Ellicott City, M.D. Both members were interested robotics and knew that their robot should be eco-friendly and decided to create the SolarStalker.

This project was made by Girls Who Code Summer Immersion Program students at BSA.