Solana M., Ilana G., Camille S.

A visual novel style demo video game allowing the user to make choices that affect the outcome. We also set up a website for our team with a download link for the game.

The problem is the game is currently only in it's demo version. Also we do not have a full title screen. Our website is also rather plain.

We are in the process of updating our game. We also have a title screen in the making.

We faced a challenge of finding a decent game platform that was not pygame. After a lot of searching and trying tons of game software ideas we finally came to ren'py and agreed it was the best choice.

"It looks professional!"

Ilana is a rising junior who is very passionate about her studies and enjoys learning music as well as learning about computer science.  Ilana plans on majoring in CS in college with a minor in business or music. Solana is a junior who loves video games very much. In college Solana would like to major in subjects that can help her with video game development and minor in CS. Camille is a junior who is passionate about designing stories and characters to go along with video games she plans to make. In college would like to major in CS and take some classes in game design if any are available to her.

This project was made by Girls Who Code Summer Immersion Program students at AOL/CUNY.