Tina V, Anna F, Claudia I, Olivia D, Zewditi H

On our website, our Home page displays beneficial activities and events that people with depression can engage in. Such resources include meditation centers, running groups, and art shows. Our Information page is meant to inform people about depression. We have a Resource page that provides the user with support groups, therapy options, and hotlines that can be used to handle depression. It all depends on the users’ preference and what they are comfortable doing.

We believe that people with depression struggle with finding the right resource in an ocean of information. Finding the right one is like finding a needle in a haystack. We think that people with depression often isolate themselves too much, which leads to worsening loneliness and depression. We hope to be able to provide information in a comprehensive way that guides people to the right resources and ways to feel better.

We used many important resources and information from other websites like the National Institute of Mental Health and Psych Central in our website. We also looked at other websites as a reference to improve our website, (e.g. how they stylize or formatted their site). We used W3Schools to format our Home page and answer any other questions we had to create our site, like the navigation bar.

We struggled with a lot of problems in our group. One of our main problems was combining all of the code together. We were coding on different computers, and when we put all our code on one computer, there were many bugs. Another issue that was challenging for us was choosing the colors for our website. Our project's topic is very sensitive, and deciding on colors that were both comfortable and stylish for users to see was a hassle. Finally, understanding the code that we found online was difficult since we had to research new code for certain parts of our project that we didn’t learn in the program. Overall, it was complicated and challenging to comprehend.

We are a group of students from the San Francisco Bay Area who wanted to create a website about depression: something that our society doesn’t really talk about or take as seriously as we want them to. So, our mission was to create a website that helps and supports people with depression by encouraging them to engage in activities that empower them to fight and overcome their symptoms.

This project was made by Girls Who Code Summer Immersion Program students at Sephora.