Adveritising/Informative webapp about the positives of using solar energy

Shamima, Aliya, Amy, Nevaeh

We made this project to make it easier for people to buy solar panels and contact solar companies. So our website has the top solar companies in New York and all about the stuff you need to know about them. We also included an interactive map for you to see how far away is it from you. We also included visual graphs of payback periods for you to have a better understanding. We believe that a lot of people understand the environmental benefits of Solar Panels so we just want to make it easier for people to buy it.

Everyday people spend too much money for electricity, and utility bills without knowing the consequences. Pollution can happen when we use electricity. Electricity is made out of fossil fuels. These fossil fuels can burn natural gases and coal when the electricity is being used. The burning of fossil fuels can cause pollution in the air which is very harmful for the environment.

Slide show
The interactive map
Centering the text and pictures
Researching info

Designing a map for our Solar Map page
Deciding which information was relevant
Making our website layout business attractive
Trying to connect the paragraphs together
Trying to center text and pictures
Finding a good font

"Solar energy is the best energy!"

You can view the project here.

This project was made by Girls Who Code Summer Immersion Program students at JPMorgan.