Smart Heart, creating a better you!

Arushi, Marissa, and Chloe

Smart Heart is an application that stores and inputs data about the user’s health, which allows the user to record their physical, mental, and nutritional health. By giving the user a space to record their health data, this application is able to aid doctors and medical professionals in analyzing a patient's health.

We noticed that people could be more self aware in regards to their health, and that mobile users had too many health and fitness apps to choose from and navigate between.

To solve this problem, our group created Smart Heart, an app that compiles all of your information into one location by encouraging users to input their daily health habits and syncing with the Apple health app.

We could not figure out how to implement links into out app and we would constantly face bugs. We used all of our in class resources, teachers, and our online resources, stack overflow.

"Smart Heart is a great app, this is something that would save a lot of storage."

Arushi is a senior at Clarkstown North High School and she loves to work on the back end code. Marissa is a senior at Hunter College High School and she loves her cat. Chloe is a junior at Great Neck North High School and she loves to use Photoshop!

This project was made by Girls Who Code Summer Immersion Program students at Bank of America NY.