Sleep For Sheep

Sleep For Sheep

Make charitable donations by getting the required amount of sleep

Salem K, Rachel C, Kimberly V, Sarah P

Sleep for Sheep is an app designed to make charitable donation easy by giving the app user a chance to give a sheep to charity when the user gets sufficient hours of sleep over a certain time period. Sleep for sheep combines very two important things, sleep and charity.

Most people don't get the recommended hours of sleep every night. As young adults we're familiar with the negative effects of not getting enough sleep. That is why we decided to combine charity with wellness.

The solution was to motivate people to get more sleep by giving them an incentive: raise money for every hour they sleep to donate a sheep to a family in need.

A technical problem we faced was learning how to work with Xcode and objective C. We fixed our problem by doing lots of research and getting help from other adults.

This project was made by Girls Who Code Summer Immersion Program students at AOL.