Simon can move and sing based on the colors he sees!

Abby E, Tiasha D, and Rawuda J

"Simon the Color Chaser" is an interactive, three-wheeled robot. It can move and sing based the colors it detects. Some colors make it move forward, backward or turn depending on the position of the object, while other colors make it sing pitches. We created this robot with a Pixy camera and an Arduino microcontroller, using the language of Arduino C.

Our goal was to create a robot that would follow around an object, We also wanted to delve deeper into robotics, by exploring Arduino and camera vision.

We used an Arduino robot and a Pixy camera to create Simon. This robot can learn and remember objects/colors once he is taught them. He can "chase" certain colors by tracking the object's movement, then moving and turning. He can also play a musical note when he sees other colors. So, by showing Simon a sequence of colors, he can move around or play a song.

Our group had an issue with getting the Pixy camera and the Board of Education to work well together.The Pixy camera caused only one wheel of the robot to move while the other wouldn’t move at all. We eventually rewired a few of the pins and servos which got the wheel working properly!

"It's so fun to make music with Simon!" - Annabel L.

We are a group of rising seniors and juniors from the Pacific Northwest. We all loved robotics week of this program and knew we had to make a robot for our final project! We’re excited to continue studying computer science after this program.

This project was made by Girls Who Code Summer Immersion Program students at Amazon (Seattle).