Shinnpo, Feel Connected.

Iris K., Princess V., Kris L., Natalie A., Sheena L.

Shinnpo - meaning "advance" in Japanese - advocates this by providing a child-friendly (and adult!) adventure-style
game that lets you learn basic communication around the world. The website takes the user and their companion Sam the Explorer to an interactive map that allows the user to travel between multiple countries in order to learn basic languages and phrases, as well as experience culture in those countries.

Technology usage among children is rapidly increasing, but what they’re learning online is not always productive. A series of studies conducted by BBC concludes that the 7+ hours of screen time that children spend lead to losing awareness of their surroundings. Furthermore, the Dunning-Kruger effect states that children develop a “meta-ignorance” when it comes to self-awareness and open-mindedness.

One solution to this issue is to provide children with interactive, educational websites and apps. According to numerous studies on child development, learning languages at a young age stimulates children's brains by providing educational challenges that lead to being able to retain information easier, better memorization, develop open-mindedness, and generate curiosity.

One of our largest technical problems was implementing audio files onto the website so that the user would be able to hear correct pronunciation. The group tried multiple methods to fix this problem, such as converting the file and downloading programs, but we were able to overcome the issue in the end.

A group of five girls who are each deeply connected to their culture and ethnicity came together in Northern California to share their experiences.

This project was made by Girls Who Code Summer Immersion Program students at Moodys (Bay Area).