Diamonds are a girl's best friend- they break the glass so well!

Molly B., Taima C., Madeleine N., Madie Y.

'Shattered Glass' provides resources and work opportunities in different fields for women, along with health resources, and education regarding topics that especially affect women. In addition, visitors can share their experiences with sexism or feminism, or share inspiration for other women who may feel that sexism is an inescapable cycle. 'Shattered Glass' is for women, by women; while we know it won't fix sexism on its own, it creates an outlet to talk and learn about topics that aren't necessarily easy to discuss, but must be examined.

The current hateful American regime often targets and discriminates against women, and makes them feel afraid to share their perils.

We are addressing the problem aby sharing solid information to inform the public of these problems. In addition, we provide resources for women to help them overcome these obstacles.

We had a problem with making the 'Contact' section of our webpage, but eventually overcame this through internet research and an outside source specifically designed for Contact forms.

'Tear it down' - Donald Trump
'Wow, so you guys actually were working on something this whole time' - Halle Pollack

Our names are Molly, Taima, Madeleine, and Madie. We would like to guide our nation’s population away from the hateful sexism and inequity that seems to be heavily endorsed by our leadership. Our strong passion toward both political justice/feminism as well as coding fueled our creation of this website. We created ‘Shattered Glass’ to support women and educate our nation about the issues that plague women each day. In addition, we would like to facilitate a discussion regarding women’s rights and give women a peaceful outlet to share their experiences.

This project was made by Girls Who Code Summer Immersion Program students at Lockheed Martin - Ada Lovelace.