"Scrolling Text Sign"

Ashley, Vivian, Sarah, Ilene, Vidhi, Ashiyana

This is our final CS Impact Project, a prototype of scrolling text street sign. To create it we used Arduino Uno and two LED Dot Matrix modules. Our program is written in "C"

Drivers pass through schools zones and do not obey the speed limit. Therefore, we have decided to create a prototype of a street sign to display a text, warning drivers they are in a school zone.

We programmed our Arduino Uno electrical board to display the scrolling text on a two LED MAX7219 modules .

At first, our board did not light up, so we had to check our wiring. Our program returned with some errors, so we had to go back and check our code. We found few syntax errors that we had to correct.

We are a coders, and artists, and cookie lovers, we are young girls ready to make a difference in our society.

This project was made by Girls Who Code Club students at Gemini Jr. High School.