A quick and easy way for students to gain access to lists of activities, connect with their teachers, and view a map of their school.

Emily L, Gauri D, Corinna D, Reina C, Julia S, Sewit S

Our website/app was made up of two main parts; a teacher and a student site that can interact with each other. In the student web app we had three features: a map of the inside of a selected school, a list of clubs and sports, and a survey that allows the student to notify a teacher of what they do not understand without being embarrassed. In the teacher site, coaches and advisers are able to add their club or sport to the school database for students to view and also the teachers themselves can view student submitted information .

Our app focuses on four main problems that students face on a daily basis:
1. On the first day of school for freshman or new students it can be hard to find classrooms and where they need to go and of course most people aren’t willing to help.
2. When parents come to a school’s open house sometimes the parent won’t know their way around the school making it hard for them to follow their child’s schedule.
3. In most schools, many clubs and sports are offered but it’s hard to find a list without spending loads of time tracking it down on the school website. Then once you find the list, there is no information about it like who is the advisor/coach, how much does it cost, when does the club or sport meet, etc.
4. Sometimes when learning a lesson, someone will have a question but does not want to be judged by their peers and be viewed as stupid.

In school it’s hard to keep your life organized. There are so many clubs and sports to join, there are so many lessons to learn, and there are so many halls to navigate. Doing all of this can seem daunting! That’s why we decided to make the school ORCA-nizer, or ORCA for short. Our app solves all four problems by making a website for teachers and an all in one app for students. In the website teachers are able to add sports and clubs with all the information that students need to a database which will then be displayed on the student app. They can also send out surveys to their students to check their understanding. They can then reach out to those students who need help.
In the app, students can pull up a google map of their school so that they can find out how to get to a certain classroom without being late or asking for help. There is also a section where all sports and clubs are listed with the most important information, such as locations, meeting time, cost, advisor/coach, and a small description of the sport or club. Students can also tell their teacher they don’t understand without other students knowing.

We ran into many hurdles while working with PHP. The first problem we had was trying to make a results page output results that correlated with the answers that were given in a survey/quiz. The quiz was to help students figure out what clubs/sports they should try if they don’t know what they want to do. PHP was designed to help webpages connect to one another, but learning another language in the minimal amount of time that had proved to be a difficult task, so we decided to switch to WebMatrix. Although we changed the language, there was not enough time to figure out how to code for this problem, and so we decided to abandon this idea. The second problem we had was creating an input/output field that teachers could use to create the list of clubs that were available in their school. The end result was a form that printed the text that was inputed. The problem was that the information was being printed, but not saved into any memory location, and that there was no way to share that information with the student section. Eventually we figured that a database would be the best way to go about this problem.

Once we realized that PHP wouldn’t do exactly what we wanted it to do, we did some more research which led to the discovery of WebMatrix. WebMatrix is a Microsoft program that intertwines HTML and databases together. However, we couldn’t figure out how to make our database store and save the data that the teacher enters. An added difficulty was that we wanted the page to redirect to a table that presented a comprehensive list of all the information entered so that both teachers and students can see what clubs/sports are offered at their school.

"Your project would be very helpful to many students."

We are six girls who started off as friends but left as sisters. We came from places as close as DC and as far as Ohio. We worked very hard to create our project for a little over a week and we plan on improving it as time goes on. Our program is called the ORCAnizer, an app/ website combination meant to facilitate any student’s integration into their school as well as stronger teacher-student relationships. All of us are passionate about education as students ourselves, and we understand some of the problems that schools have yet to combat to make receiving an education easier.

This project was made by Girls Who Code Summer Immersion Program students at Lockheed Martin - Ada Lovelace.