A website that helps user explore and learn about haunted/ supernatural locations near them.

Hannah Hittleman, Elizabeth Marquez Lopez, Yuritzi Lozano Solorio, Yanet Nunez Galvan

Everyone across the world regardless of age has access and can use our webpage. However, our intended user is someone who is interested in exploring haunted places and learning about the supernatural.
The user can click on locations to be directed to a page that contains the location’s history, a scary rating, photos/videos, and directions. The user can also go to a creepypasta page and a safety page. The creepypasta page is an entertainment page that contains scary stories, scary videos, and creepy Watson. The safety page has a basic checklist of what someone should bring while exploring and tries to prevent damage to property and the user by explaining how one should act at a haunted location,

Many people would like to escape boredom and are seeking adventure. As Buzzfeed Unsolved videos are becoming increasingly more popular, many are curious about the possibility of supernatural beings but also want to be safe when exploring.

We created a website where locations of haunted places are displayed with information such as history, description, pictures, and videos.

While creating our product, we had trouble creating a safety feature, utilizing Watson, making the layout of the website look pretty, and finding solutions to syntax errors. Our original idea of a safety feature was a button that could easily be pressed to notify and text the police that the user was in danger. Unfortunately, we realized that many police stations do not respond to text messages.
To overcome these challenges we were flexible and changed our ideas. We created a safety feature that helps the user anticipate what to do in unsafe scenarios. We googled questions about code and tried to learn from others’ mistakes.

"This is cute and creepy at the same time I love it!"

We are a group of four girls who have a similar interest about the supernatural and coding. Based on the new knowledge we learned from our Teacher, Leo, and our TAs, Ivy and Baolinh we created Scaredy Cat, our first website!!! Nevertheless we did have our challenges however we got through them as a team. We will never forget our experience at the Girls Who Code SIP as well as never forget how we are strong women that can do anything.

This project was made by Girls Who Code Summer Immersion Program students at IBM (Bay Area).