Dodge obstacles, read facts, answer questions, save the world.

Alora BM, Anna S, Fernanda D, Madeleine C

We created a side-scroller game that allows the user to play as an endangered animal (currently only a Darwin's fox). The player can use the up and down arrow keys to dodge sand blocks and traps. Once the player reaches the checkpoint, a series of facts and questions pertaining to Darwin's Foxes appear for the user to read and answer.

The problem we are trying to address with this game is to help build awareness about all of the different types of endangered animals. While we were discussing possible final project ideas, the nearby news story about an orca carrying her dead calf around the water for 16 days inspired us to make a game about endangered animals. We also wanted to help educate people about the causes of the animals' endangerment.

We use the facts and questions that appear once the player reaches the checkpoint to inform the player more about Darwin's foxes. Playing as the animal in their habitat with the obstacles as every day hardships also raises awareness about the difficulties that the animals face.

One technical problem we faced was trying to implement buttons to link to new screens in the game. At first, the when we coded the buttons, they kept on slowing down the game. However, we were able to fix this by coding them a different way, which no longer slowed down our game.

"Saving the world one baby animal at a time."

We are a group of 4 teenage girls who discovered their love for coding during Girls Who Code’s 7-week Summer Immersion Program.

This project was made by Girls Who Code Summer Immersion Program students at Adobe (Seattle).