What's going on down by the pond?

Izzy H, Grace M, Clara A

Save the pond is a website whose focus is environmental awareness. Our goal is to educate people (especially kids) about the effects of climate change and pollution, and what they can do to help. Our site features an "escape room"-style game which is designed to teach people about the dangers of climate change and pollution, and what it does to animals and the environment. Our website also has a page with information about climate change, pollution, and other environmental hazards, complete with lots of images and links so kids will be able to understand and learn more.

The problem we are trying to solve is ignorance towards environmental issues. We want to make sure that kids and adults alike are educated about the dangers our planet faces.

We are addressing the issue of environmental awareness by having a game which allows the user to feel like their are helping to stop the pollution of a little pond. We created an "escape room"-like game which prompts the user to click on objects to try to find clues which need to be followed in a specific way in order to win the game. We made the game pretty simple because we want to target our website towards children, and we want them to be able to actually play the game. After the user wins the game, they will be directed to our "learn" page, which is full of information about pollution and environmental dangers. We want people who play are game to be encouraged to learn more about how to ACTUALLY keep our world's flora and fauna from being destroyed.

We had some frustrations with the Javascript which we used to code our game. In some places, it got very confusing to think of how we should arrange the steps which the user has to complete to win the game. We solved most of these issues using post-it notes on a great big white board. Our game requires a lot of events and functions, so we used to different colors of sticky notes to map out exactly what our code needed to do. We used one color for actions that the user needed to take (the events), and a different color for what our program needed to do in response to that action (the functions). Using this physical method, we were able to figure out exactly what we needed to do in order to make our digital game work.

We are the Toads Who Code. We are a group of middle and high schoolers who love HTML, CSS, and Javascript, and also also really care about the environment.

This project was made by Girls Who Code Club students at .