"Influencing the most impressionable members of society for a more positive and accepting world."

Alyssa G., Ashley Z., Cieara P., Dipti G., Deepkiran S., Ellis S.

Saltwater Learning's goal is to educate elementary school children about diversity and to promote the acceptance of all types of people and families. They do so by offering their product as a game in the format of a web application. In each level of the game, players face different situations and characters that they could potentially encounter in their lives, such as Pablo Pufferfish and his foster parents. Based off of how positive their interaction is with the characters, the players can win points and prizes. The points system and mini game at the end provide positive reinforcement for behaving kindly to someone that is different from them.

In this world, there are seven billion of us with different ethnicities, genders, sexualities, and upbringings. This variance leads to many different views and opinions on topics that these people cannot relate to or have indifference towards. These views are usually set up at a young age based around family, community, and many other daily encounters. Growing older, children leave the environment that they have become accustomed to and meet people that are different from them. Children need to know how to react positively in these type of situations for a more accepting and positive society.

In order to expose children to real-life situations, Saltwater Learning believes the best way is through a game in the form of web application. A web-app is not only easily accessible for the younger audience but it also creates a fun and engaging environment to learn in. With the inclusion of a points system and rewards, the game teaches children that the acceptance of diversity is important. Children can learn how to react positively with the help of something as simple as a game. As technology begins to progressively merge with education, we feel the best way to entice children’s interest is through a web application.

The first challenge we faced in our project was the decision to make a web application, rather than an Android app, due to software issues. We then faced difficulties transferring data across webpages with JavaScript, and we also encountered problems when sharing code with Git. However, we were able to overcome these challenges to successfully develop our game.

"Acceptance of diversity is crucial to establishing ties of friendship within local, national, and global communities; by reaching out to young students and normalizing household structures outside the stereotypical nuclear, biological, heterosexual family, this game encourages children to accept differences and embrace diversity"
- Kathryn Tarver

The Saltwater Learning team is a team comprised of high schoolers from the Bay Area that have a passion for coding and creating.

This project was made by Girls Who Code Summer Immersion Program students at ElectronicArts.