Safe Space - A personal safety website

JoAnn L, Crista M, and Maria S.

This project aims to promote public safety of solo wanderers. Walking alone can be dangerous, and our website Safe Space is created to limit the dangers of walking alone.

The issue at hand is that it is dangerous for people to travel alone, especially in less secure areas.

Our group developed a website to aid people who walk alone frequently. This website has several tools to aid solo wanderers, and it contains a timer that goes off after a set amount of time. If you do not answer in that set amount of time, the website will send an email to your emergency contact. Whenever our users has to travel through a dangerous area, they'll set their current location and final destination in our GPS map system. If our users do not reach the designated area in the estimated amount of time, our website will alert and ask our users if they are safe. If so, our users can simply exit the website. If not, the website will automatically send messages to our user's emergency contact after a certain period of time. That’s what makes our website unique; while other websites require the user to press a button, our website is based on inactivity. We understand that if you're in a dangerous situation, you don't always have the chance to alert others of your situation. So we'll do that for you. While Safe Space is currently a website to allow access to all mobile users, we are looking to implement Safe Space as an mobile app for both Android and iPhone users.

Using databases were difficult for us, as we didn’t understand SLQ databases nor how to access them. As our solution, we created our own database using google sheets. By doing so, we were also able to access the Gmail capabilities from Google.

Three high school girls aiming to promote public safety for solo travelers

This project was made by Girls Who Code Summer Immersion Program students at Verizon Chicago.