Safety for everyone!

Kathryn O., Felicity B., Jasmine D., Gabi C.

Safe Space+ is an app that shows people of LGBTQ+ community safe spaces near them. According to recent statistics, in Seattle, we have the second largest LGBTQ community in the nation. However, LGBTQ people are the most likely to be targets of hate crime. Safe Space+ is a unique app, there is really no app exactly like ours, some apps have similar features but ours mainly focuses on the safety of its users.

We are trying to correct a directory of safe places for LGBTQ people for the event that they are in an unsafe situation.

We are planning to solve this problem by creating a phone app on jQuery. Our app features an automatic emergency message to a preset emergency contact. Our Safe Space+ app allows the user to see the safe spaces in the Seattle area and allows the user to view LGBTQ safe events in the area.

We used HTML, CSS, Javascript, and jQuery to develop our web version. To make it mobile friendly we used Adobe PhoneGap to develop our iPhone app. It took us a bit to figure out how to convert our web app to a mobile but we got mentorship from Adobe employees and worked together to solve the problem.

Our group The Champion bees as a group of 4 Gabie and Jasmine were really interested in social connectivity and Felicity and Kathryn were really passionate about the idea of LGBTQ safe spaces.

This project was made by Girls Who Code Summer Immersion Program students at Adobe (Seattle).