Rhomin W, Lauren O, Luciana S

"Safe Place for Minorities" is a place where people of all walks of life can come to learn more about the stories and issues affecting minority groups everyday. It is a place to chat, learn, and listen to others discuss their journeys.

Today, there are so many people from different walks of life who feel like they don't have a safe place to share their stories about being marginalized or systematically iced out from certain fields. This issue is near and dear to our hearts, as women in tech from a diverse set of backgrounds.

"Safe Place for Minorities" seeks to close the gap between looking for a safe place and actually having one. A reliable place for people to come and talk about their issues could potentially be something nourishing to the soul of those who need it most.

Using the Pusher API for the chat-box on our website was really difficult. Initially, we had intended for a whole different kind of chat experience (more a chatroom/forum-like approach), however with respect to our time constraint, we went with a different approach.

Instead, we created a live chat function where people can chat with a counselor (as the website shows), or chat with one of the admins of the website (future plans). Having to change our vision was difficult, but having to learn new technologies and follow several different installation tutorials was even harder.

However, in the end it ended up being better than we could have hoped. Although the chat function only works locally, we are proud to have this special function in our website that we worked tirelessly on.

This project was made by Girls Who Code Summer Immersion Program students at WB LA.