Erendita N, Mongohnay B, Steph B, Leslie A, Giselle M

“S H E” is a text-based, interactive game that changes depending on the choices the player makes. We broke the game into 4 paths, each consisting of a different storyline to try and incorporate multiple viewpoints on this issue. Within these 4 paths, we all told a different story through the perspective of our main character, Lexi. Our stories describe Lexi’s life and the way it has been affected by sexism from birth all the way to adulthood.

Sexism is an issue across the globe that affects many people in many different ways. Thus, we understand that we cannot possibly voice every single experience.

Since sexism is a large ongoing issue, the least we could do was raise awareness to it.

Trying to incorporate the viewpoints and being as inclusive of every race or ethnicity was difficult. To overcome this, we all used our various ethnicities to share our own experiences.

Sharing the multiple files and trying to be organized when it came to sharing was also tricky. We had to communicate a lot and go back and forth between computers.

"'S H E' bravely explores sexism through the eyes of their characters' unique journey."

This project was made by Girls Who Code Summer Immersion Program students at CNA CHI.