Solve a Maze, Save a Life

Annie L., Nancy E., Jessica R., Batool A.

S. A. M. is a robot coded in Arduino. He can solve a maze using whiskers to detect walls and turn accordingly.

Firefighters need to search for people in burning buildings, which often takes a lot of time and puts their lives in danger.

S. A. M. can navigate through a maze-like building. Future developments will include a camera, and also allow him to differentiate between people and walls.

One problem we had was that S. A. M. kept getting stuck at corners because he would just keep turning back and forth between the two walls. We overcame this by making him turn one direction slightly more than the other so he would eventually get out.

"He's such a smart robot!" --Tania S.

We are all upcoming juniors from different high schools. Over the course of the summer, we have gotten to know each other and seen each other’s creativity.

This project was made by Girls Who Code Summer Immersion Program students at Accenture CHI.