Empowering girls through retro RPG dragon-slaying

Aafia A, Mara M, Zeynep S, Hanna B

Run of Infringement is a retro RPG game in which the user chooses between four characters that represent either stealth, strength, magic, or charisma. The character embarks on a journey to slay a dragon, facing many challenges throughout. The game is text-based and accompanied by visual portrayals of each event.

Most video games on the market today lack realistic and diverse female characters.

We decided to create a retro gaming experience that serves to empower girls by showing them that video games can indeed feature strong and relatable female characters.

Some challenges we encountered included debugging 800+ lines of code, creating custom images for each character, getting the code to cooperate with our end goal, and writing a twelve-page story.
We just stayed patient and compassionate with our project

Really well-put-together project with a solid story and cohesive interactivity.

We are four girls from Texas who enjoy programming and playing video games. We decided to combine the two by creating a retro RPG game entitled Run of Infringement, which features strong and realistic female characters.

This project was made by Girls Who Code Summer Immersion Program students at Barlovento - ACC.