Text Adventure Stories to help with any emotions

Hani Ahmed, Kimberly Sykora-Lovaas, Jolie Chang

Route 3 is a fun and healthy way for people who are dealing with any overwhelming emotions at the moment. We wanted to make this accessible to most people to help with any emotions that they're feeling.

Many teens nowadays are dealing with various emotions throughout their everyday life. We created this website in hopes to relieve any emotions that theyre feeling

We created four text adventure games : anger, boredom, sadness, happiness (themes) to help people with any emotions that they are currently feeling.

we had a problem with the embedded link(python anywhere) and this caused out text adventure stories to not load on that terminal. We have yet to solve that problem

"An important issue that is often overlooked"

Three high school students who came together through their mutual interest in computer science to create this project.

This project was made by Girls Who Code Summer Immersion Program students at Amazon (Seattle).