Will you survive the space exploration?

Nicole M, Jennifer B, Quaylin J

This is a sci-fi text adventure game which has not one, not two, but three stories that you can choose from. Each story has a different point of view according to who you choose to play as. The mobile version was made with JavaScript, CSS, and HTML, while the PC version was made entirely with Pygame.

We wanted to address a few issues, such as the lack of women in the gaming industry. Also, we wanted to make a scenario of when the earth might not be habitable anymore. Therefore, it may result with humans going out into space and searching for a new home.

We made our game have intelligent female main characters to close the gender gap. Also, we tried to make the story realistic by researching what happens to organisms in space.

At first, we wanted everything to be in Pygame, an extension to Python. However, since it was difficult to code due to the lack of understanding of Pygame, only one of three stories is available in the PC version. We went with something we were more comfortable with, which was JavaScript, CSS, and HTML. However, even this was difficult because there were a lot of lines and IDs to keep track of. The mobile version has all three stories, but it was too late to go back through 800 lines of code to figure out a reset button that was present in the game.

"This game is out of this world!"

We are a group of three amazing girls who are going to be rising seniors in high school. We plan to go to our dream colleges and continue to pursue Computer Science one way or another. We were brought together by our love of stories and video games.

This project was made by Girls Who Code Summer Immersion Program students at Pfizer (NY) - Ada Lovelace.