Dancing, Singing, Robots!

Natalie O, Maya R, Rita S

Thanks to the lessons by the Girls Who Code team, this group was able to create a Robot Dance Party, that can bring a smile to people when they see them do what they do best, Dance, Sing, and Light-up! Three robots sing while lighting up LEDs to the beat and two move around and light up as backup dancers.

Nowadays, everyone is immersed in computer games and apps on their phone, not knowing how hardware and software interact. A lot of people come home from work or a day at the hospital feeling stressed out and anxious, and can't seem to put their phone down. We wanted to create something that would help alleviate the stress of one's day while also showing a simple example of how hardware and software interact.

We are addressing the problem by creating a singing and dancing group of robots! They inspire
creativity and happiness. Hopefully they can crack a smile on someone's face after a long stressful day.

The Piezo piece that plays the notes of the song would play a weird tune at the end of each loop through the song. We fixed this by printing each note’s frequency. We then added a few lines of code to say that if a note was one of those frequencies, to start the loop over.

“We should all smile once in a while!”

Robot Dance Party Group

Natalie Ozor, Maya Rendon, and Rita Sanchez, who are all seniors in high school, programmed 5 robots. 

This project was made by Girls Who Code Summer Immersion Program students at AT&T (Austin).