"A running app that motivates users to keep running by simulating you being chased by a lion"

Arushi B., Shreya C., Rowan M., Danielle R.

ROARDASH is an app that motivates the user to keep running by simulating you being chased by a lion. The app compares the user's current pace with a goal pace they input in another screen; if the user is slower than their goal pace, the lion moves closer to the user and roars to warn the user. The app features a neat, aesthetic and easy-to-use user interface.

You might find it hard to get excited about exercise, and you certainly aren’t alone. But what if your run wasn’t just a matter of staying healthy, but a matter of life and death? There’s a lion on the loose, and in ROARDASH your job is to escape it. As you speed through the city jungle, the lion responds to real-time statistics about your run and roars ferociously to motivate you to keep going.

To make this app, we started by learning the basics of Swift, the programming language used in iOS app development. This language allowed us code the features we wanted the most some of which include displaying the pace, distance and time which update as the user keeps running. Our app also motivates the user to maintain their goal pace by moving the lion icon closer or farther away from the user icon to simulate the lion chasing you.

Firstly, we had to account for the lion going off the screen, which we did by placing bounds on the lion’s movement and changing how far the lion moved. When testing the app, we noticed that if the user stopped, the pace would display as infinite and the lion kept moving. We fixed this issue by adding a condition that displayed “No Pace” and prevented the lion from moving if the user stopped.

Arushi is a rising junior. In her free time, she enjoys playing tennis, reading and participating in FIRST robotics. This summer, she learned that referring to documentation and looking at tutorials is the most efficient way to learn a new programming language.

Rowan is a rising junior who enjoys reading thick novels, solving problems with computer science, and running cross country. At Girls Who Code, her favorite moments were finding CodingBat and playing frantic card games at lunch. When she’s at home, you will probably find her on a walk with her dog or up in a tree.

Danielle is a rising senior who enjoys playing field hockey, running with her track and field team, and helping her school’s theater company with technical stuff. During this summer, she learned that patience is key when learning new things and working in group projects.

Shreya is a rising junior. When she’s not coding, she enjoys reading and participating in the various clubs at her school. The most important thing Girls Who Code has taught her is the value of group work.

This project was made by Girls Who Code Summer Immersion Program students at Twitter (Boston).